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Three 6 Mafia "Most Known Unknown" purple-vinyl LP

$34.99 / Sold Out

One of our favorite reissues of 2017!

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The Omerta Inc. reissue of Most Known Unknown is an absolutely gorgeous package. It comes in a textured sleeve which reproduces the original album art, but the texture and matte finish add a little something extra to the whole thing. When you open up the sleeve and take out the LPs, though, that’s when things get really impressive. The promo photos of the deluxe vinyl version — limited to 300 copies, individually hand numbered in gold pen — on 180-gram purple splatter looked nice, but the product is so amazing in person, it’s hard to do it justice. It’s one of the best-looking splatters I’ve ever seen. Really, I’m half-convinced I keep spinning it because I just want to look at it on the platter.